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Wellness Credit Cards – The Ness Credit Card Powered by Mastercard Rewards Healthy Living (

( Ness newly introduced a first-of-its-kind premium health and wellness credit card powered by Mastercard to reward cardholders who are leading healthy lives. The Ness Credit Card, now in public beta,… source

3-In-1 Probiotic Gummies – Goli Nutrition Launch the World’s First 3-in-1 Pre+Post+Probiotics Gummy (

( Goli has launched a 3-in-1 probiotic gummy supplement, which the company claims is the first of its kind in the world to combine prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics. Goli’s Senior Director… source

Color-Changing Toothpastes – Crest Kids Color Changing Toothpaste Encourages Brushing for Longer (

( Crest Kids Color Changing Toothpaste is the only toothpaste for kids of its kind on the market and it encourages kids to brush up to two times longer. As a result, kids develop healthy brushing… source

Human Candle Campaigns – These Human Statues of Candle Wax Bring Attention to Youth Burnout (

( The epidemic of burnout among young people is a concerning issue that has been recognized as a disease by the World Health Organization and this growing problem is being brought to light by a new… source

Self Care Eye Pillows – Warm Buddy Offers Aromatherapy Eye Pillows to Treat Various Conditions (

( Warm Buddy Company’s sleep therapy products are designed and manufactured in Canada to provide a natural, drug-free sleep aid using a combination of heat, acupressure, and aromatherapy. The… source

Rosewood Aromatherapy Pillows – Soins Luxart Debuted Rosewood Eye Pillows for Self Care (

( The Rosewood Aromatherapy Eye Pillow is a soft and light pillow that molds comfortably to your eyes and forehead, blocking light, relieving facial tension, and calming the muscles around your eyes…. source

Compact Aromatherapy Pillows – The Pillow Company Offers 4″ Pillows Designed for Self-Care (

( ‘Pillow Company’ Offers Aromatherapy Sachets, which are eye pillows infused with scents engineered to produce certain responses. These herbal pouches are filled with a variety of… source

Aromatherapy-Personalizing Tools – JennScents’ Offers a Tool that Creates the Perfect Scent for You (

( JennScents’ ‘Virtual Custom Aromatherapy Blending Bar’ is a service that allows you to create a custom blend of essential oils that is tailored to your specific needs. At the Virtual… source

Vision Support Dietary Supplements – Rise-N-Shine Vision Vitamins Includes Vitamin A and Lutein (

( The Rise-N-Shine Vision Vitamins are being launched as a dietary supplement for consumers to incorporate into their regime when looking to support optimal vision health as they age. The supplement… source

Professional Ear Cleaners – Black Wolf Nation Launched the ‘WUSH Pro Ear Cleaner’ (

( The ‘WUSH Pro Ear Cleaner‘ is a safe and effective way to remove earwax. It is a rechargeable, water-powered ear cleaner that includes one ear irrigator, one water basin, six tips, and a… source